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Immaculate Deception/Mayageddon 2012 Book Trailer

Friday, March 9, 2012

My First International Review!

**** Something for everyone including two endingsMarch 7, 2012
This review is from: Mayageddon 2012 (Kindle Edition)
I received this book free to read and review.
While I did not find this a laugh aloud book it was certainly very amusing, I probably did not get all of the references as I have very little knowledge of American politics or the people involved but I am sure there is a send up of various politicians in it as there are many thinly concealed snipes at various well known brands and people some examples from the book include "McDougall's Burgers" and "Ocra Windfall" it takes little imagination to realise who these and many others are.
When I started reading this book after reading the publishers blurb I initially thought he had read a different book as initially it dealt with political intrigue a few murders and adult themes however about a third of the way through the book it catches up with the blurb.
Initially it starts almost as a straight forward political drama with the characters well described so that I could visualise them, no bad thing, very soon it becomes a much wider reaching story which involves big business, the breakup of the USA, terrorists, Jesus etc etc. In fact there is something for everyone including two alternative endings.
In summary a good book with some strong adult themes which makes fun of the whole USA political and business empires, I enjoyed it a great deal.

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