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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mayageddon Wreaks Havoc around the World, 600,000+ Feared Dead

Mayageddon Wreaks Havoc around the World, 600,000+ Feared Dead

Earth – December 22, 2012 – Unlike the Y2K scare of 1999, the much-publicized Mayaggedon event has proven fatally accurate for an estimated 600,000 people worldwide.
Jose Valencia, dubbed the Mayan Messiah, established the term Mayaggedon to refer to the end of the world as prophesized by the Mayan Calendar and the TimeWave One Algorithm. The phenomenon occurred yesterday triggering natural disasters all over the world.
Political leaders across the U.S. rushed into action. President-elect Williams, current Governor of California, declared a state of emergency, mobilizing the National Guard and all available military personnel from local bases. Shane McCarthy, Texas State Senator and Governor-elect, stepped in for Ferris, the Governor of record feared lost in the tropics while on vacation. McCarthy also declared a state of emergency following the tsunami that hit the Gulf Coast.
Valencia had predicted a 93% casualty rate, or approximately 5.77 billion people would be lost. While casualties were horrific, the total lost is only one-one hundredth of one percent of the world’s population, far less than he anticipated. When asked if the world could expect more disasters and if the casualty rate would increase based on his predictions, Valencia replied, “Oops, I forgot to carry a few zeros. Too many DDTs to the ol’ noggin, I guess. What I meant to say was that .0093% of the people of the world die. Not very catastrophic, is it? But look at it this way, no one would have taken me seriously if I hadn’t made the mistake and nobody would have come to Baja. How many hides did I save?”

[Note: this is a fictional "article" from my novel Mayageddon 2012.  600,000+ people did NOT die (as far as I know).]

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